2010 UN Peacekeeping Day Conference & Ceremony

Alan Doss

Special Representative of the Secretary-General to the DRC

Other presentations:
Edward Burke Political Analyst, Foundation for International Relations (FRIDE) Madrid
The Soldier-Diplomat in Afghanistan and Iraq

Jacob Aasland Ravndal, Research Fellow, Norwegian
Challenges to intelligence gathering in the United Nations

Andrew Stewart, Director, (North America & Australia)Thales Sandy Allsop, Managing Director, Allsop Helikites Ltd
New options for UN force commanders in choosing to deploy surveillance UAVs
PPS available on request only

Photographs of the ceremony
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    Astrid Bernadotte, grand-daughter lays the wreath in memory of Count Folke Berrnadotte

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    Rear-Admiral Charles-Edouard de Coriolis, Defence Attache, French Embassy, lays the wreath in memory of Commandant Rene de Labarriere

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    Reverend Donald Prentice and Imam Azim Hafiz who led prayers for fallen UN peacekeepers

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    Members of the UN Veterans Association who led the parade to and from the Cenotaph

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    Some of the eighty-five diplomats who laid wreaths in memory of fallen UN peacekeepers