2010 UN Peacekeeping Day Conference & Ceremony

Alan Doss

Special Representative of the Secretary-General to the DRC

Other presentations:
Edward Burke Political Analyst, Foundation for International Relations (FRIDE) Madrid
The Soldier-Diplomat in Afghanistan and Iraq

Jacob Aasland Ravndal, Research Fellow, Norwegian
Challenges to intelligence gathering in the United Nations

Andrew Stewart, Director, (North America & Australia)Thales Sandy Allsop, Managing Director, Allsop Helikites Ltd
New options for UN force commanders in choosing to deploy surveillance UAVs
PPS available on request only

See here for images of the ceremony.

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    Astrid Bernadotte, grand-daughter lays the wreath in memory of Count Folke Berrnadotte

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    Rear-Admiral Charles-Edouard de Coriolis, Defence Attache, French Embassy, lays the wreath in memory of Commandant Rene de Labarriere

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    Reverend Donald Prentice and Imam Azim Hafiz who led prayers for fallen UN peacekeepers

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    Members of the UN Veterans Association who led the parade to and from the Cenotaph

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    Some of the eighty-five diplomats who laid wreaths in memory of fallen UN peacekeepers