2011 UN Peacekeeping Day Conference & Ceremony

Alain Le Roy

Under-Secretary-General, UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations

Other presentations:
Understanding and Halting Somalia-based Piracy. Has the International Community Still Failed to Get It?
Mahdi Aadam, Secretary, World G18 Somalia
Martin Grixoni, Cohorts LLP
Simon Jones Triton International Ltd

Ensuring All Possible Support is to Hand when Peacebuilding Starts
Dan Smith, Secretary-General, International Alert
Dr Funmi Olonisakin, Director, Conflict, Security and Development Group, King’s College London

Overcoming the Funding Obstacles for Peacebuilding
Toshi Nakumura, Executive Director, Kopernik

See here for images of the ceremony.

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    Rosalind Campbell, War Widows' Association

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    UN USG Alain Le Roy

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    Land Rover support for ceremony

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    Band of the Life Guards and Colour Guard of the UN Veterans Association

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    Diplomats lay their wreaths